Jump Right In! Pool Training Is Fun

Pool training is a vital part in becoming a better freediver, training includes: Co2 Training, Cardio Training, Apnea Walking, Lane Diving, Statics and more.

Hold Your Breath!

Static breath holds are a fun way to improve your overall performance under water. You only compete with yourself to hold your breath longer each time, in a safe manner with qualified instructors.

Discover Our Oceans!

Freediving is the perfect way to discover your local underwater world, without noisy bubbles or tanks, which lets you see natural environment at its best.

Dive Platform

Diving on a dive platform allows you to train to dive to deeper depth safely, being attached to the diving rope at all times and being supervised by an instructor. What will your new personal best be?

Underwater Fun

Freediving/Snorkeling or Spearfishing is all about fun, and the best person at it is the one having the most fun :).